Skin Whitening

Skin Whitening- IV lounge

We have a wide range of skin care products which offer you that flawless radiant skin. Whitening your skin to the expectable lightness. We offer detoxification from the daily pollutants and antioxidants to detox your body.
IV detox cocktail given in the right dose not only benefits your skin but also helps you reduce weight and feel more energetic.
Ask for our skin lightening and detoxification regimens and am sure you will not be dissatisfied.

Most E-facials will penetrate only up to 10% of active substances into the skin. Using the Globanc e-facial, up to 90% of substances are transferred into the skin. This facial is used for

  • Skin whitening & illumination
  • Wrinkles
  • Skin Dehydration
  • Acne
  • Skin Pigmentation
  • Hyperpigmentation (Photoaging)

The Globanc E-facial results in your fresh and stiff skin with the restored water balance.